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Re: Why does simple-cdd queues twice simple-cdd-profiles-<version>.udeb for installation?

On Wed, Apr 22, 2009 at 10:33:09AM -0300, Lucas Brasilino wrote:
> Hi Vagrant and folks:
> I'm taking a look how simple-cdd works on it's guts. Now I'm looking how
> profiles selection is performed. So 'default.preseed' has:
> d-i preseed/early_command string anna-install simple-cdd-profiles
> And in 'postinst' of simple-cdd-profiles_0.3.9_all.udeb we've got:
> <snippet>
> echo "Queuing simple-cdd udebs..."
> for p in default $profiles ; do
>      echo
>      if [ -r "$p.udebs" ]; then
>         echo "Queuing udebs for profile: $p"
>         wanted_packages="$(egrep -v ^# $p.udebs)"
>         anna-install $wanted_packages || true
>      else
>         echo "No udeb list for profile: $p"
>      fi
> done
> echo "Finished queueing simple-cdd udebs"
> </snippet>
> So 'wanted_packages' variable gets at least 'simple-cdd-profiles', which is
> queued again to installation.... why ??

the simplest explanation is to keep the code simple. rather than hard-coding
simple-cdd-profiles in several places, or working on some sort of exclude
mechanism, it simply treats simple-cdd-profiles like any other udeb.

the preseed is what actually queue's simple-cdd-profiles to be loaded.

the queueing of udebs from postinst (using $p.udebs) is just simple-cdd's
generic mechanism for loading udebs (such as loading the ltsp-client-builder
udeb from the ltsp profile).  any udebs already loaded by anna-install (i.e.
simple-cdd-profiles) will simply do nothing.

profiles/*.udebs is also used at CD build time to ensure desired udebs are
available on the CD.

live well,

p.s. it seems like debian-custom redirects to the blends list now... should
probably start using simple-cdd@packages.debian.org until i manage to register
a new list specifically for simple-cdd.

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