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Adding files to simple-cdd target

if you have a need to post files (copy extra files )  inside shell scripts (for instance when you use simple-cdd ) you can use real cool gnu tools :
Reading there man files and googling abit gave me the next :
this will compress the directory contents , and create a script that will extract the archive.

cd archive
tar cvvf somearachive.tar *
echo 'uudecode -o- << "EOF" | tar xvv ' >../shellscript
uuencode configuration.tar configuration.tar >> ../

so if you send this script he can extract it .

just for fun you can do :
cat shellscript >> profiles/profilename.postinst

and this will extract this archive inside the new target debian installation cd.

I know my english is bad but hey , after googling several hours for a solution how to add extra files into simple-cdd installation.
I got the idea that there more people that could google for it (and not so many know Hebrew)

I posted this also at : "http://bsh83.blogspot.com/2008/07/adding-file-to-simple-cdd-installation.html"

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