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Re: Debian Science related blog post (about Debian usage @ EDF)

Hello Stefano,

Le jeudi 27 mai 2010 à 14:12 +0200, Stefano Zacchiroli a écrit :
> [ please Cc:-me on replies, I'm not subscribed ]
> Hello scientists!,
>   I've blogged about my visit at EDF which is using Debian, and most
> notably quite some work of Debian Science, to power their clusters and
> desktops.
> The post is at
> http://upsilon.cc/~zack/blog/posts/2010/05/Debian-based_scientific_computing_at_EDF/
> and kudos your work, so it's probably appropriate to mention it here :)
Thanks for the feedback. It is nice to know that our work is appreciated. 
Next time you chat with some EDF people to explain them how to be a nice
upstream also ;) 
Except Code Saturne (many thanks to David), it is not trivial to
collaborate with them (Ex: Salome, Code Aster) . As Adam said, they are
focused on the current Debian Stable for their development while we are
trying to package their software on the Debian Stable + 1. It is
perfectly fine on big changes but even on minor patches (ex: changes for
FHS compatibility), they are reluctant to apply patches even if they are
tiny with no impact.
With Nicolas Chauvat from Logilab, we are trying to make things change
but it is hard. If you have the opportunity to explain how this would
really help both Debian and Upstream, it would be great!

> Related to that, I'm now collecting some feedback about other users of
> Debian in scientific computing / cluster environments. What would be the
> most appropriate venue to have people interested in that topic discuss
> together? Would this list be appropriate or should I rather request a
> new list, e.g. debian-hpc@lists.d.o, to replace the (long dead it seems)
> debian-beowulf@lists.d.o mailing list?
For now, I believe that debian-science is fine. I am afraid that such
mailing list would create an overlap like the one with pkg-scicomp and
Debian Science which are trying to kill.


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