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CCGrid 2001 - Brisbane, Australia

   Is anyone planning to attend the CCGrid 2001 conference in Brisbane?  I'm
thinking of going, and putting together a poster on the sorts of cluster
software that is built-in to Debian. The poster session chair sounded
receptive.  The conference is May 15-18, and abstracts need to be in by the
end of the month (sooner if possible).  www.ccgrid.org for more information.
   I'd need to solicit material from the various cluster-software
maintainers, so please reply if you're willing to constribute something. I'm
thinking diagrams of all the different interacting, optional packages,
Debian-added features, integration, etc.  Most of the audience should
already be familiar with the upstream packages.  The poster session need not
use exclusive material since it won't be published in the conference
proceedings (just online).
   Among other things I'd like to corner Sun's speaker on when their Grid
Engine will be Opensourced, so I can replace DQS (non-free and now oprhanced
upstream) with Codine (a derivative of DQS) that is part of Sun's Gridware


Dr. Drake Diedrich, Head - Information and Communications Unit
John Curtin School of Medical Research, GPO Box 334  Canberra ACT  2601
Voice: +61(2)6125-2528   FAX: +61(2)6125-4823

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