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Re: Modifying Debian for Infrastructures--Step 1

>> "Bud P. Bruegger" <bud@sistema.it> writes:

 > I suppose the possibility to use muliple versions is very easy to
 > sell to beowulf people who roll their own scientific software...

 why?  I still don't see a use for multiple versions of arbitrary
 packages, modulo libraries (but that's already handled) and certain
 specific packages (emacs, compilers, ...).  IMO, one of the good
 things about dpkg is that is doesn't allow for multiple versions of
 the the same package to be installed on the system.

 > An important point to note is that you don't simply move the whole
 > root of the package's tree to a different point, but you do
 > different moves for different subtrees (doc, bin, etc.).

 Which is achieved by sticking to a standard, such as the FHS.
 > Do you think such a policy change could find enough supporters?
 > How would one go about to propose it and how long would it take to
 > implement?

 Read /usr/doc/debian-policy/proposal.text.gz, installed by the
 debian-policy package.



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