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Issue on ARMHF for Qt/QML Material Style

Hello list,


preambole: this request I wrote to debian-kde list but until now no answer back yet.

Machine: Debian Buster 10 x86_64

Emulated Architecture: armhf using QEMU (qemu-user-static) and a Debian Buster chrooted jailroot.

Running a QML based application on qemu-user-static way and Xorg running on a x86_64 host gives me some strange issues. The xorg server is running on x86_64 host, and Qt executable is running inside a chrooted rootfilesystem and it is using X syscalls to display its gui.

On the x86_64 side, I have to use "xhost +" to accept connection from the chrooted system.

When running my application which uses QtQuickControl2 with the style=Material most of the interface is scrambled or does not work at all. If using other style like Fusion it works, but it is rendered differently.

My application is running fine within Debian x86_64 environment but no on the QEMU Side.

This can be easly checked if using the Qt Quick Example Gallery (in the example module: qtquickcontrols2-5-examples Debian package).

If compiled & ran inside a QEMU chrooted system, it gives me the exact issue I am facing of in my application.

Now I am trying to run in in a complete-system instead of running on the host CPU only (qemu-system-arm). At the moment I am downloading and installing Debian Buster 10 on my virtual disk image.
As soon as possible I will post the results.

Anyway if I am running it into a x86_64 machine it gives me the expected behaviour, so I suppose something ARM related into the way how qtquickcontrols2 and Qt for ARM is compiled...

Is this a well known bug? Can be workarounded to make it works on ARM platform?

Gianluca Renzi
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