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2012 Report names companies most likely to fail

Title: 2012 Report names companies most likely to fail
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237 companies in the UK Computer Software market are rated as 'Danger'

Too many companies chasing too little market is taking its toll on the UK Computer Software
market. A new industry report reveals 237 of your competitors are likely to fail unless they change strategy quickly. 

Industry analysts Plimsoll have just published the 2012 Plimsoll Analysis on the UK Computer Software
market. Each of the top 1000 companies in your industry has been analysed, valued and then given a complete strategic health check to see how sustainable their current direction is. It even recommends what changes they need to make to improve current performance.


Your company ARM HOLDINGS PLC is analysed, valued and rated on page 112 of the report.

Strong: 544 companies are prospering, proving that a difficult market is no barrier to success.

Growth: 218 companies failed to grow last year, highlighting a worrying trend in the market

Acquisitions: Every company is rated on their acquisition attractiveness. 207 firms are rated as top takeover targets.

In-depth analysis on your company, your competitors and the market:
The report provides a detailed 2-page analysis on every company in the industry, including a 5-year performance analysis, industry average benchmarking, valuation and acquisition attractiveness score. The report also includes 50 pages of concise market analysis, including market size, market share rankings and 10 year trend analysis.

The Plimsoll Analysis- Computer Software is priced £350+VAT for a PDF version. 
To order, simply reply to this email and provide your address for invoicing. The report will be e-mailed to you today and you will be invoiced £350+VAT. 

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