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Re: Cross build an arm Debian Live system


2011/6/14 Daniel Baumann <daniel.baumann@progress-technologies.net>:
> On 06/14/2011 07:48 AM, DrEagle wrote:

>> Is there any tool that can help to achieve the same work as liveboot do
>> for i686 ?

What do you mean by do the same as liveboot? which is your final goal
install a system
on device? be able to emulate it with qemu? boot it from RAM?

In anycase, I assume you already know about debootstrap and
multistrap. You could easily build an image pointing
to debian-ports.org archive.

>> Are the arm kernel image compiled and available in generic like i686 ?

Konstantinos has put up some ready to install images:

You can start from there and upgrade your system with current stuff at
which everything is a bit experimental, there is a kernel patched
image to support
efikamx, efikasb and some omap devices.

`flash-kernel` support is missing, but there is an efika branch on
flash-kernel git to be merged into
master, after searching for agreement. It is missing omap support. Loïc?

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