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Re: Newbie questions about ARM port


2011/5/8 Richard Cavell <richardcavell@mail.com>:

> 1.  Are any ARM architectures capable of running Debian with a GUI?  Or are
> they all headless/textmode?

All ARM architectures are capable of running a GUI.

> 2.  What is the technical difference between arm and armel?  Was the arm
> port big-endian?  Is there some difference other than endianness behind it?

Little endian
arm = Old ABI (deprecated)
armel = Embedded ABI (current, supported by armv4t chips or above)
armhf = Embedded ABI, Hard floating point (future, supported by armv7
chips with VFP)

Big endian
armeb = Old ABI (dead, never completed).

> 3.  Is there any plan for a big-endian arm version, or is this a waste of
> time since ARM chips generally can do both?

No, there are no plans for big endian version. It probably is a waste of time.

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