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ARM ports

Hi all developers,

I would like port ARM to MINIX3. But dont know where to start. If you can give me a spark to start porting of ARM I will be very grateful to you. Can I use any simulators for porting MINIX to ARM processors. I had also purchased a book related to ARM7 LPC2000 series. Do I need to buy an ARM development board. I dont have enough money to buy an ARM development board. But I will buy the development board when i complete the porting of MINIX to ARM.

May I know which simulator you used for developing linux to ARM?�

Can you tell me what all things I need and I should do for porting MINIX to ARM.? I need to know how you did the porting of linux to ARM processors?

Please help me if you can.

Expecting long lasting relationship from you..

Thanks && Regards

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