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Re: RAID1 root on nslu2


Thanks for your reply.

On 5/14/07, Gordon Farquharson <gordonfarquharson@gmail.com> wrote:

>For your system (root partition on a RAID device), I think (but I have
>not tried it) that putting /dev/md5 in your fstab, running
>update-initramfs and flash-kernel would work once you set the
>rootdelay parameter (see below).

Yes this is what I did, with a rootdelay of 10 seconds. It didn't 
boot :-(

>Let me know how it goes, and if I should make any changes to these
>instructions. As you pointed out, the bits about modifying fstab, and
>running update-initramfs and flash-kernel, should be added to the wiki
>page. It is from emails such as this one that most of the wiki pages I
>write are developed. I may finally get round to finishing the NSLU2
>root on LVM/RAID page with the help this email thread :-)

Can you think of anything else that could be wrong? Do you think it
matters that my RAID 1 device is a degraded array, with it's only
active device being on /dev/sdb?


Stephen Fry

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