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RE: Spin down USB-IDE-disk


It isn't impossible to stop the drive you've installed the system on, I've
managed to do it by following the instructions on the NLSU-2 wiki, to move
things like /var/log off the disk and into ram.

The only problem I've got is that I've seemed to have done it far too well,
sometimes the disk doesn't spin backup and I get error messages like ls not
found.  After a bit the whole system just crashes and hangs.  I've set it to
log to disk and mounted the disk on another linux machine and there's no
mentions of anything in the logs, it just stops when it spins down.  Any

Chris Watts

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Well, it seems I've almost found a solution, typing sg_start
--stop /dev/sda1 stops the disk, the problem is it restarts immediatly.
Its the system drive, is it impossible to stop the drive ive installed
the system and the swap on? 

lör 2007-04-21 klockan 22:21 +0200 skrev Mattias:
> Hello!
> I hope this is the right forum for my question.
> I wonder if there is a way to make my linksys nslu2 with debian spin
> down my usb-drive when it's idle? 
> My usb drive is a ordinary IDE-drive which I put in a mapower enclosure:
> http://mapower.com/Product.asp?CateID=88&LineID=10

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