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arm release issues

[ Cced all the people who are listed as arm porters on the release wiki ]


we (the release team) noticed that arm has had some autobuilding and porting
problems in the past few weeks. According to the most recent britney runs,
the current numbers of uncompiled binaries are these:
    110 mips
    116 sparc
    222 ia64
    229 m68k
    267 hppa
    277 arm

hppa and ia64 are only temporarily bad, but arm has shown these problems for
some time now. One of the most troublesome packages is xulrunner, as
quite a few packages (build-)depend on it. It is yet unknown what the problem
is, if e.g. a longer build timeout might help, or what else is required.

We want to ask you to help working on packages that are out-of-date on arm,
especially tracking down arch-specific compile errors. To allow *us* to
continue with the release preparations, we decided to configure the testing
migration script to ignore missing binaries on arm for now.

As the release is getting nearer, we would like to see this situation resolved
within the next three weeks, or we will have serious issues with either the
timely release of Debian at all, or with the integration of arm into it.

Release Team

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