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Re: Problems upgrading

+++ smuelas@mecanica.upm.es [05-11-21 17:43 +0100]:
> > +++ Santiago Muelas [05-11-21 14:27 +0100]:
> >> I'm having problems when triyng to upgrade or just install new packages.
> >> It seems that some library should be upgraded but it is a basic library
> >> and can not be deleted during the process.
> >> Anyone could help me, please?
> >
> > You have to give us more details. What machine? Upgrading from what to
> > what?
> > What error do you get?
> >> 
> Oh! I see....Sorry for being so short in words. :-(
> I have installed Debian in my PDA, Zaurus, using Pockettworkstation and
> running on "pdaXrom".
> It is difficult for someone not having a Zaurus PDA to know what I'm
> speaking about.
> Nevertheless, the point is that I can run the whole Debian-arm with this
> configuration. The fact that Debian does use a Xserver for the other
> distribution, doesn't matter, as I have tested already.
> Now, the problem is that it seems that many important packages have been
> updated since my last try, about six months ago. So I have decided to
> upgrade everything.
> Unfortunately, when I try to do it, as I have done many times in the past,
> now it seems impossible, due to the fact that a package with the name
> "e2fsprog" should be updated, but I receive a message telling me that to
> update this package it should be removed first, but that this package
> cannot be removed, being a very important one. If I try to install other
> "serious" packages, like "tetex", it seems also impossible due to the
> version of libc6. But libc6 cannot be updated because the actual version
> is needed by this "famous" e2fsprog.... etc., etc.

aha. In fact this problem is entirely inpendent of using arm or a zaurus.
This is a problem of trying to upgrade from pre-sarge (usually a woody/sarge
stabel/testing mix) to current testing/unstable. Debian only supports
upgrading from one distribution from the next, and sometimes going from what
is now oldstable to testing does not work. 

The fix in this case is to upgrade to stable(sarge) first. Then change your
/etc/souyrces.list and upgrade to testing or unstable. That will work.

See http://lists.debian.org/debian-testing/2005/10/msg00061.html


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