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Re: debian or linux on mobile phone

On Mon, 17 Jan 2005, eka antonius wrote:

I just resign from symbian application programming for
nokia mobile phone.

Congratulations. Left that realm of madness myself not too long ago...

I know that nokia mobile phone
using ARM processor. Some of them using arm4 or higher

Can I replace the Symbian with Linux OS? I just want
to try for newer nokia series 6260, 7610, or 6630...
not bad if it can work at 9500.

If somebody allready try for it, please mail to me...

I would really love to see a linux on the 6600 instead of this
very disappointing symbian, but that could be quite some work, without
any information apart from the GNU C compiler sources and reverse
engineering the symbian firmware...

peter koellner <peter@asgalon.net>

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