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Re: OpenOffice.org Linux/ARM port

I used the tar.gz from here http://people.debian.org/~rene/openoffice.org/test/arm/ to install OpenOffice on my Sharp Zaurus SL-C860, running pdaXrom and a debian chroot. I managed to install it, after installing the required libs. (could not use the deb-packages, this always gave me some errors)
It all seems to work, but I have a strange thing in the spreadsheet :
It doesn't accept all decimal values. At least, it doesn't show them correctly (some are correct, others aren't).
This thing changes when I format my cells - but this does not result in correct values. It can handle more values, but they are all shown as negative (like in the cell format tool)
Could it be I'm just missing something, or is this another problem ?
When I add "user-format-styles" (e.g. "0.000" or "#.000"), where are they stored. Maybe replacing that file by the one on my desktop could solve the problem ?
Need more info, just mail.
I can always send you some screenshots.

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