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A Business, which lets you control your destiny

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    When he related the manner in which he had clung to the Turk while both ascended into the air, the elder of the two sailors listened with rapt attention, and then, after some thought, asked: Why couldn't you carry one or both of us to America? Rob took time seriously to consider this idea, while the sailors eyed him with eager interest Finally he said: I'm afraid I couldn't support your weight long enough to reach any other landIt's a long journey, and you'd pull my arms out of joint before we'd been up an hour discontinue Orange stad, and then mail stop 1.200 B, followed by A rub a Their faces fell at this, but one of them said: Why couldn't we swing ourselves over your shoulders with a rope? Our two bodies would balance each other and we are so thin and emaciated that we do not weigh very muchWhile considering this suggestion Rob remembered how at one time five pirates had clung to his left leg and been carried some distance through the air Have you a rope? he askedNo, was the answer; but there are plenty of long, tough vines growing on the island that are just as strong and pliable as ropes
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