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The original software at only a fraction of the cost! ;-) colombo

>If life deals you lemons make lemonade 
>Look before you leap

Hi boy's,
Adobe PhotoShop CS 8.0 for $40 - nice deal right ? ;) retail price is $650 - great savings, huh?
Microsoft Windows 2003 Enterprise Server ....... Only $50, You s'ave $3869.00 bucks!
CorelDraw Graphics Suite V 12 PC ............... Only $50, You sa've $300 bucks!
MS Windows XP Professional ..................... Only $45, You sav'e $255 bucks!
Microsoft Office 2003 Professional ............. Only $45, You sa've $450 bucks!
Please spend few moments of yours precious time to check our offer - it is more than worth it!

>He who fights and runs away, lives to fight another day
>A miss is as good as a mile.
>Everything comes to him who waits
>It will all come out in the wash
>I have found at my age going bra-less pulls all the wrinkles out of my face. 
>None so deaf as those who will not hear 

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