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Bug#255930: apache-modconf fails to disable modules


Please close this bug.  This was apparently user error. I was able to remove
"mod_proxy_add_forward" by typing:

nofear:/etc/apache-ssl# apache-modconf apache-ssl disable proxy_add_forward

Im sorry for the trouble.  It appears what was happening was the embedded
name of the module was not the same as the actually filename.  If anything
needs to be changed, it is not apache but the module itself.

Best Regards..

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> Sent: Thursday, June 24, 2004 7:17 AM
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> Subject: RE: Bug#255930: apache-modconf fails to disable modules
> I have followed your instructions and first listed the 
> contents of "modules.conf" in apache-ssl.  Then I added 
> "mod_imap". Next, I listed the new contents of modules.conf 
> (and mod_imap was there).  Finally, I was able to remove 
> "mod_imap" and it was no longer in the modules.conf.  But, 
> this appears to only work with specific modules.  If I 
> attempt the same test with "mod_proxy_add_forward", then 
> nothing happens.

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