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Dear Sir/Madam,                                                                                                         01.03.2004

Greetungs to you from Indian Leprosy Eradication and Rehabilitation Mission Trust. Our Mission Trust was registered in the year 1993. Our registration number is 34 of 1993. We also registered with the Ministry of Home Affairs to the Government of India to receive Foreign Contribution Under Foreign Contribution Regulations Act 1976. Our FCRA Number is 076040243.

Leprosy is caused by a germ called Myco-Bacterium Leprea. This bacteria spreads through Air only when the infectius patients sneezing or caughing. Now we are having Multi Drug Therapy to cure the Victims in the early stage within six months of symptoms known. This is the only disease change the original image of Gods creation to ugly looking. God made the humanbeings in their own image. In Levetics Chapter 13 explains how the social stigma attached with the disease. But In the New Testament Jesus Touched and cured the Lepers.

Our Mission started a home for severely disabled Leprosy Cured Persons  in the year 1999. At present 50 inmates are in the home. This project is supported by the Goverenment of India Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment. 5 years are going to complete by the end of this March 31st. Because of the new organizations are emerging in the field of disability and other social welfare programme , All are approaching the Governement of India for funding. Our Country is a developing and Third World Country, so they find it difficult to fund more than 5 years. We are in a difficult position wheather run the Home further or close down the home. If we close down the home where this 50 Severely Disabled Leprosy Cured Persons will go for their food and accomodation. We are in a critical situation.

We are having the Building, Furnitures and Utensils. So we don,t want grant to any of the Non-Recurring cost. We want only Recurring cost for 50 persons food and Nutrition only.

For taking care of one Persons food for one month is Rs.675/- (12 Euro or 15 United States Dollars or 10 U.K.Pounds). For 50 Severely Disabled Leprosy Cured Old age Persons cost for their food and Nutrition comes around is Rs.4,05,000/-($ 9,000 USD or € 7232 Euro or ₤ 5,400 UK Pounds ) for 12 months.

If you are able to help this situation to our Leprosy Cured Persons home it is well and good. So our Board of Directors of Indain Leprosy Eradication and Rehabilitation Mission Trust requesting your organization to support financially for the running cost of the homefor 5 years. If you are having any grant application form and guidelines, kindly send the same to the address given below.

Bank Details : Our Current Account nUmber is 01000065403 at State Bank of India,Main Branch, Trichirapalli 620 001, Tamil Nadu, India Bank Code No.0930.


Mr.S.N.Joseph Srelvaraj,

Founder and Managing Trustee,

Indian Leprosy Eradication and Rehabilitation Mission Trust,

99/1, National Highways,

Irungalur Post,

Manachanallur Taluk,

Trichirapalli District,

Tamil Nadu State 621 105.

E-Mail : ilermt@eth.net, josephselvaraj@eth.net

Mobile Number : 94431 42086.

On Going Programmes :

1.Home for Severely Disabled Leprosy Cured Persons.

2. Vocational Training Centre to the Persons With Disability.

3. Community Based Rehabilitation.

4. Awareness Generation and Counselling.


Kindly remember our LCPs in you daily prayers.

With Christian Greetings.

Yours in the Service of the Lord,

S.N.Joseph Selvaraj,



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