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Re: mod_perl2?

* Angus Lees (gus@debian.org) wrote :
> just wondering what the plans are for mod_perl2.
There's some preliminary packaging done, but atm I'm still working more on
the modules infrastructure for apache2.

> according to Daniel Jacobowitz, someone here was planning to package
> it (he's not) ..
That would be me.
> (libembperl-perl (which i'm about to upload) can be compiled against
>  apache1/mod_perl1 or apache2/mod_perl2.
>  if its possible to have mod_perl 1 and 2 installed simultaneously, it
>  would be neat to have the same package support both versions. is that
>  possible, or do they both want to use "Apache"?)
It seems unlikely sadly - both versions use the Apache namespace and I
suspect they provide many similarily named modules that are incompatible.
However, I've not tried it. ;)
I'll certainly check, though.

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