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Re: Bug#134347: apache-ssl not installable again

Am Sam, 2002-03-02 um 15.49 schrieb root@ecolinux2.servebeer.com:
> ecolinux2:~# apt-show-versions -p apache
> apache/testing uptodate 1.3.22-5
> ecolinux2:~# apt-show-versions -p apache-ssl
> apache-ssl/testing upgradeable from to
> ecolinux2:~# apt-show-versions -p apache-common
> apache-common/testing uptodate 1.3.22-5

So this shows, that you use an out of date mirror:

# apt-show-versions -a -p apache
apache  1.3.23-1        install ok installed
apache  1.3.9-14        stable
No proposed-updates version
apache  1.3.23-1        testing
apache  1.3.23-1        unstable
apache/testing uptodate 1.3.23-1


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