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Debian 1.2 release news

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We're going to hold off the Debian GNU/Linux 1.2 release for about a week.
I'm sure you'll agree with our reasons when I explain why.

We had originally planned to make the release with XFree86 (The X
Window System) version 3.1 . XFree86 version 3.2 came out just in time
to miss the code-freeze deadline for Debian 1.2, although many Debian
developers and users have been testing it for weeks. A serious
security problem in XFree86 3.1 has made it imperative that we ship
with XFree86 3.2 instead, and we'll need a few days make sure it meets
the high standard for quality that we've set for the rest of the release.
Once that problem is resolved, Debian 1.2 will be released.

We feel that shipping a system with a security bug would be much worse
than slipping a deadline. We hope you agree.

If you'd like to try the pre-release system now, you can find it in
ftp://ftp.debian.org/debian/frozen . The "dselect" program can be used
to upgrade your present Debian system to the 1.2 pre-release automaticaly
via FTP, or you can perform an install from floppy disks using the
instructions in
ftp://ftp.debian.org/debian/frozen/disks-i386/current/install.html .
Once the software is released, you'll be able to perform a floppy-less
install from CD.

All of the Debian volunteers thank you for your support.

	Thanks Again

	Bruce Perens
	Debian Project Leader

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