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Having a problem - with two different releases, now, 4.0r3 and 4.0r4, on

For some reason the installer no longer includes John Hasler's pppconfig
package (although plenty of attention is given to pppoe), setserial
isn't included in the base config to assist with modem port detection,
so consequently, there's no access to a mirror and the only thing that
ends up in the sources.list file is the cdrom path.

I could probably figure things out but I'm a bit doubtful on the syntax
employed when specifying the paths in the /etc/apt/sources.list edit.

I've searched everywhere fron Martin Kraft's book, to ' Linux Rute
User's Tutorial and Exposition',  the Debian site - including the amd64
installation manual, man pages and google.....amongst others, but I can
find no hard and fast specification as to whether the 'amd64' qualifier
should be included in the path and if so, how it should be qualified,
i.e. associated with forward slashes; underscores or hyphens.

Could anybody point me to a reliable source, please?

I'll have to read the answer in the archives as I've been off-line for a
while and I've got about 10,000 emails backed up on me.
With spam training on a new mail client, that's a whole separate issue

Thanks for any information.

David Palmer.

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