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"Khel Shuru(The Game Begins)"

Once in a while a film appears that takes you to a new level of difference. You watch it and say to yourself "Bollywood can even make movies like these", simple and refreshing. You don't have to have lavish sets. You don't have to have expensive songs and you don't have to have any recognized talent. All you need is a good original story, genuine actors and an audience tired of stupid, meaningless Bollywood films.

Here is finally, a very much awaited NRI Independent film of 2007

Khel Shuru The Full Movie

We don't expect people in love with Yash Raj films to like our product. We don't expect people who think Sachin Tendulkar is still the best batsman in the world to appreciate our efforts. Perhaps we have eliminated more than half the industry
and you know what...  we don't care.

If you like a spice of difference and if you are tired of watching the same old cliched garbage we invite you to watch our film. It would be like renting any other movie but before that

Watch our trailers here
Watch reactions of audiences who saw the film

If you like them try and watch the whole film. We promise you won't be disappointed.

Support quality cinema. Lets make Bollywood better.


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