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whats up

are you guys gonna make it this year. I hopeso. we sure miss you. anyways give this to dad he was asking me about the next one i get. so here pass it on to him will ya?


China Business Are Hot For VOIP

c ompany: Bralorne Mining Company
Ticke r: b l n m
Price: $0.21
Status: str ong bU y

b l n m is now beginning an 8 month project to build an infrastructure that will supply a single solution for local and long distance calling, combined with internet access.
This project initially being implemented with over 300 international businesses and over 20 factories is expected to increase annual profits by over $1.5 Million.

BL NM has already been labeled the primary VOIP agent for the two largest Telcoms in China. This company as been making waves in the industry and is an excellent short and long term investment. Read all the news, look at all the huge contracts they have been landing, and grab B.L.N.M. on Monday.

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