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Re: [OT] vt8251 support


I see that in :

x This option enables support for VIA Serial ATA. x x x x If unsure, say N. x x x x Symbol: SCSI_SATA_VIA [=n] x x Prompt: VIA SATA support x x Defined at drivers/scsi/Kconfig:591 x x Depends on: SCSI!=n && SCSI_SATA && PCI x x Location: x x -> Device Drivers x x -> SCSI device support x x -> SCSI device support (SCSI [=y]) x x -> SCSI low-level drivers x x -> Serial ATA (SATA) support (SCSI_SATA [=y]) x

Rodolphe Pinon

Ignacio Mondino a écrit :

I`d like to know if there will be support for the vt8251 via chipset in the
2.6.17 linux kernel.
Without this support Debian cannot see SATA drives.
That affects a lot of machines since this chipset comes in the asus a8v-mx
an many other
nice and cheap boards.


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