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RE: 2.6.8-12-amd64-k8 raid1 freezes with spurious interrupts

> Anyway there must be annother problem, while syncing the 
> raid1. Because I 
> don't see all the time "spurious interrupts". Furthermore the 
> freezing 
> sometime "halts" for some minutes, where regualary work is possible.

Do you have "RAID edition" or "normal" hard drives?
Some "normal" hard drives can carry out lenghty test and/or repair
procedures themselves and be unresposive in that time.
RAID controller or software may get confused and handle the
drive as faulty.

Check the SMART settings, status (error counts, reallocated sector
count etc.) and error log on the drives.

ATA communication errors also produce time-outs.
Sometimes, it simply seems that distinct controllers do not like
distinct hard drives.


PS: I assume that the old story of A-Open mainboards trashing
WD (and apparently only WD) hard drives after 2-3 months of
usage is well known. The sad part of the story is that the
producer has choosen not to pass the information nor stop
selling the particular mainboard. This arguably caused a damage
and costs to the users, sellers, distributors and WD that was
way higher than what their own losts would have been otherwise.

Currently, there is a similar story with

	        BenQ Joybook R22 and R23 series.

If you have such "Joybook", check the picture quality on externally
connected monitor at resolutions of 1024x768 and higher. I have
tested 8 Joybooks up to now and they all produce picture with
a shadow and sometimes with dark stripes as well.

It seems that BenQ has produced six (!) models / variants with the
same serial defect without telling anyone, not even their local
representation agencies nor technical support and service
departments! Pass the word...

I'm about to write the full story and perhaps some of you can
give me hints where to publish it.

Unfortunately, such stories happen over and over again, because
the users apparently have little means of warning each other and
often fail to remember who did the damage to them, and even if
they do, there is a new brand popping up in no time.

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