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Business message from Derek Chen

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--- Begin Message --- To anyone concerned: How are you? We are specialized in motorcycles industry in China. If you have any demands on motorcycles and relative vehicles , such as ATVs , scooters, Off Road, Chopper etc, please let us know. We will give you satisfactory offers promptly and of course with good prices and better quality. Please visit our website for more details, and you will get surprising findings. Best regards. Derek Chen Company Name:* Minghui Industrial Service Center Company Address:* ground floor room 5 No.181, Jiangyou Li, Jiangmen, Guangdong ,China Products :ATV, engines, scooters,Motorcycles, Spare Parts, water dispensers and water purifier Country/Region: China Province/State: Guangdong City/Town: Jiangmen Zip/Postal Code: 529000 Time Zone: (GMT+08:00) Beijing, Hong Kong Mobile: 0086-13005832156 Telephone No. 0086-750-8124300,3677916,3191123 Fax No.: 86-750-3191123 Email : jmchaoming@263.net Web: HTTP://JMMINGHUI.EBIGCHINA.COM Note: If the email is disturbing you, please put it into trash. We are sorry for trouble you.
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