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Drives Disappear After SCSI Reset

Right now I have two disks and one CD-ROM drive in my Alpha 433au (all
attached to the internal ribbon cable). The SRM recognises them correctly

dka0.0.0.1009.0            DKA0                COMPAQ ST32550W  6415
dka400.4.0.1009.0          DKA400       MATSHITA CD-ROM CR-508  XS03
dka600.6.0.1009.0          DKA600      IBM-PSG DDYS-T18350N  M  S96E

However, when I start the Debian installer (4.0R9), during the boot sequence
it does a SCSI reset and then only recognises the first disk, thus:

scsi(0:0): Resetting SCSI BUS
scsi0 : QLogic QLA1040 PCI to SCSI Host Adapter
       Firmware version:  7.65.06, Driver version 3.26
  Vendor: COMPAQ    Model: ST32550W          Rev: 6415
  Type:   Direct-Access                      ANSI SCSI revision: 02

So, for whatever reason, the CD-ROM and the other hard disk disappear. I
have checked the termination and it *seems* to be correct in that the disks
and the CD-ROM are not (or *should* not) terminating anything. There is a
terminator at the end of the SCSI cable, and I believe the QLA1040 SCSI
adapter does its own termination:

>>>sh pk*
pka0_host_id            7
pka0_mode               ultra
pka0_soft_term          diff

I have noticed that if there is a disk with an ID less than that of the
CD-ROM then only that disk is recognised after the reset and the CD-ROM and
higher disks are not. If there are no disks with an ID less than the CD-ROM,
then the CD-ROM and the higher disks are recognised.

Can anyone tell me if there is a way to resolve this?



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