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RE: bug mysql-server-5.0 debian 4 etch alpha 800 5/333

> ya probre con  prctl --unaligned=silent cmdline".
> pero me pone "cmdline comando desconosido", y el mensaje del kernel
> continua...

You misunderstood me. "prctl" is a command to control kernel behavior on
this message for a process started with the help of prctl. It does not
switch off the message globally.

What you can do for example is to start mysqld with prctl, so that the
server does not generate this message, for example:

Stop mysql:

	/etc/init.d/mysql stop

And Start it again:

	prctl --unaligned=silent /etc/init.d/mysql start

The with prctl started process will not display the messages again. If you
want any other program that generates this message just prefix the command
line with "prctl --unaligned=silent ".

And please, use English language on that list... even if it is not good
English! I had to translate your message with google translate!

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