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Model promotion / Savvas Liamis / Male Face 2007

Dear friends, partners and supporters,

are you looking for the male face 2007.?

We got it.!

Watch :     http://www.myspace.com/savvasmodel

We are looking for international agencies,designers and bookers for promoting Savvas worldwide.

About him:
Savvas Liamis, was born on 25.03.1981 in Stuttgart (germany) where he still lives till this day. 
Shortly after his 22nd birthday he began with small photo jobs for hairdresser's catalogues. 
What began as a fun back in the days, developed itself more and more to a big passion with the time. 
He got an order for royalty Free Pictures for a famous hotel in Greece by the media enterprise IML (Athens). 
He found his present height point, in his still young career, with the appearance of a scene - photo story about him in the Greek Papermagazine, in the issue from the 06.05.2006. 
He also is organzing parties and events like "Excess" in different clubs in germany.
But his biggest wish is to be able to deal  even more intensely with modeling in the future.

Height:	187 cm
Breast:	100 cm
Waist:	84  cm

For all questions and inquiries please contact the general management from Savvas:


With best wishes,

Global Game Entertainment

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