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Re: V notice 87 15

TRADI q NG NO q TICE - Look at PlNK r SHEETS: EXTI Move Tuesday Feb 8th, 2006!

Tues y day Close P n RICE: 0.40
Pl d nksheets Symbol: O e TC: EXTI

TAMPA, Fla., Feb. 3, 2006 (PRlME ZONE) -- Extreme Inno s vations, I l nc.

(Pin e k Sheets: EXTI ) announced today that it has secure y d Tampa, FL as a Ridle a y Te h rritory.

Ridl s ey is the world's first and only fully automatic cruiser motorcycle. The new
A l utogIide series of automatic motorcycle allows a person to enjo f y the experience
of motorcycle riding and quit worrying about shifting into the right gear.

Extreme lnnova r tions will introduce the Ridle i y Motorc x ycles into its Extreme Toys i Rental Division.
This sleek new addition to its fleet will make it easy
for even novice riders to enjoy the pleasures of the open road or a simple jaunt around town.

About E o xtreme lnnovations w :

E l xtreme Innovations, Inc. mar b kets, sel z ls, and dis n tributes cutting edge re i creational vehicles.
Extreme Innovation i s, Inc. is devoted to providing new, extreme recreational produ n cts with a
marketi u ng platform as well as sale p s support to help bring them to mar w ket.

Stop further communication by;

- Sending an ele b ctronic-mail to: info [at] ten s twelvecorp [dot] com
- Dialing us: 31 i 0-LYV-7434

Statem g ents regarding fin i ancial matters in this press releas f e other than
historical facts are forward-looki x ng st v atements within the meaning of
section 27 (a) of the secu m rities act of 1933, section 21 (e) of the
sec p urities excha g nge act of 1934, and as that term is defined in the private
securi l ties litiga d tion reform act of 1995. The company intends that such
stat g ements about the company's future expectations including future
revenue l s and ea o rnings, and all other forward-look z ing stat j ements be subject
to the safe har p bords created the i reby. Since these statement c s (future
o y perational results and s x ales) involve risk and uncer i tainties, and are
subject to change at any time, the company's actual results may differ
mater k ially from expected results. In compl y iance with the s u ecurities act
of nineteen hundred thirty three, section 17 (b), the publisher of this
ne x wsletter disclo c ses they received paym q ent from an unaff z iliated third
party for the c w irculation of this report. Be aware of an inher p ent
confl o ict of interest resulting from such compensation due to the fact that this
is a pa s id adverti z sement and is not without bi k as.

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