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fyi - DS20L; NICs, 2.6.8 not so happy; 2.6.10 better

for other DS20L (CS20) users, with an IDE disk and intel OEM i82557/8/9 NICs, scsi cd-rom:

-- (testing)2.4.27-2-smp works nicely but requires the eepro100 driver instead of the e100 driver.
-- (testing)2.6.8 does not work with either the eepro100 or the e100 driver
-- (unstable)2.6.10-1-smp works with both the e100 and eepro100 driver. although there are
	many errors on boot related to libata, sd_mod, scsi, etc. I haven't tracked down yet
	(I can read the scsi cd-rom even with these errors).

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