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RE: any in the new england area have dead DS20s around?

There's an adapter _card_ (from API Networks, after all this is really a CS20) on the back of the slimline CD drive that converts
from whatever that small funky squared-off 50-pin CD connector is to the 50-pin scsi-shaped.  I couldn't tell you if these
connectors are standard, I don't recognize the one on the CD drive (CD-224E-BC0).

Someone local had one, thanks Jay!

Now, if only we could find some spare power supplies.


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> To: Dan Cernese
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> Subject: Re: any in the new england area have dead DS20s around?
> # Dan Cernese sprak:
> > I am pulling together a handful of operational DS20Ls to install
> > Linux onto.. ..and I have one who's slimline cd-rom drive 
> isn't working,
> > specifically the passive board on the back of the drive 
> that converts
> > from the internal ribbon cable to the tiny connector on the back of
> > the drive is broken (cracked).
> It is not just a standard SCA 8OPIN/68PIN SCSI UW ADAPTER?
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