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Sponsor for accessibility packages


I would like to have some sponsoring about three packages for Debian
that I'd like to add and maintain in the distro. I worked very much on
them with the a11y team, but now I'd like to ask for sponsoring

The packages are edbrowse, speeced-up and speakup-tools. The 1st is an
update, it's a NMU. The two others are new packages, useful to use a
(free or not) speech synthetiser with speakup.

For details, see bugs 634933, 634934, 598162.

I stay available for any question., comment or feedback 



Jean-Philippe MENGUAL

accelibreinfo, votre partenaire en informatique adaptée aux déficients visuels


Mail: mengualjeanphi@free.fr

Site Web: http://www.accelibreinfo.eu

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