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Re: Speakup bug

I wrote:
> Are staging modules frozen under the same rules as the rest of stable ?

Jason White wrote:
> Probably yes. "Stable" for Debian's purposes applies to the
> packages, not to their components.

But I fail to see any advantage from Debian's point of view
in holding "staging" modules in a buggy condition in a release
that's supposed to be stable - not just frozen, but stable.

It's not just the kernel-module that's "staging", it's also
the package; for example at the moment of accept/not-accept:
> anyone who uses a "staging" module accepts the risk of
> crashes and other potentially undesirable consequences.
and that decision is made at the  aptitude install  moment.
I'll reiterate that I think the "staging" status should
be made visible in  aptitude show  ...

> Testing and unstable are regularly updated with new kernels,
> so when the bug is fixed and finds its way into a kernel
> release, the new kernel will enter Debian naturally.

If it's a matter of waiting for a fix and then moving
from stable to testing, then, well, that's not too bad.
That also picks up other fixes, more up-to-date edbrowse, etc.

There can't be useful movement on this until a fix exists, anyway.

Thanks for your help,
Peter Billam

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