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Re: [PATCH] enable libao support in speech-dispatcher for debian squeeze

Hi guys,

I'm surprised of all these feedbacks. In my opinion, yes, squeeze should
be stable (usable without doing anything). I guess Debian has this
approach of the stability. It means that every bug which prevents from
using an appli should be marked in the BTS as major. If the workaround
is easy, it should be documented, if it implies patches, re-packaging,
etc., Debian should update. Note that the kernel is updated regularly
for security with some code from the latest release, so for major bug it
should be possible doing the same.

I discover the problems, ok. But I don't find much documentation about
it. That's why I think it'd be interesting to give your exact config:
what's the speech synthetiser, what's the screenreader you use on tty...

Is there a bug opened for speakup? The workaroound should be documented
in it for instance. Does a patch exist upstream, beyond William's

For the bug:

why don't you do as suggested, i.e. writing again to it to add
additional comments, for example to mention the bug is very boring for
you, so that the maintainer could know the situation and, maybe, reopen
or find a solution? What's the state of your dialogue with the
maintainer of speech-dispatcher?

To sum up, I think:
- a bug should be opened for Speakup for the problem which is mentioned,
with the workaround, and tell if a patch exists upstream;
- For speech-dispatcher, the bug 597964 should be followed: write to it,
so that the maintainer knows, react, optionally reopen and increase to
"major" it;
- Anyway, it's important to have a dialogue with the maintainers, so
that workarounds are documented, or packages are updated if they don't
work on stable, that's possible if major bugs are sent.


Jean-Philippe MENGUAL

Le mercredi 03 août 2011 à 18:50 +1000, pj@pjb.com.au a écrit :
> Klaus Knopper wrote:
> > Does "speechd drops dead after a few minutes of use in a
> > productive environment" count as critical bug, or not?
> There's another bug which I assume people here are aware of,
> it's been much discussed in the speakup list, which is that
> when running speakup, pasting into STDIN crashes the kernel.
> E.g. on squeeze, if "Gloop" has been marked and cut:
>   box8 (debian) ~> echo Gloop     # paste the Gloop into /dev/tty :-)
>   Gloop
>   box8 (debian) ~> cat            # now paste Gloop into STDIN :-(
>     [NNNN.NNNN] BUG: scheduling while atomic: /swapper/0/0x10010000
> On most machines the power switch still works :-)
> Fortunately William Acker pointed out a clever workaround, 
> > A way around this is to ssh to localhost.
> which means you're always pasting into /dev/tty, and the ssh
> feeds it to cat's stdin.
> Is squeeze stable ? It depends what you mean by 'stable'.
> Peter Billam
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