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Re: gnome-orca_3.0.4-1_i386.changes ACCEPTED into experimental


Are you fully blind? If you are, I think if you could show us some
screenshot of the gnome starting, it'd help. I am blind but I can see
some ligghts, and I had noted, when I tried at-spi, that at the
starting, gnome seemed to display something, then when I pressed Escape
or Enter, she screen became black, then gnome seemed to appear. I guess
some message appeared, I'm unable to know or read it. Maybe you have a
similar problem at the gnome starting, i.e. a message, then if you press
a key, it goes on. Indeed I think at-spi1 and 2 are in conflict. But
it's known I think. Mario mentioned at-spi2 breaks the GUI.


Jean-Philippe MENGUAL

Le lundi 01 août 2011 à 11:14 -0500, Kenny Hitt a écrit :
> Hi.  Currently, sid has some gnome 3 packages and the rest are gnome 2.30.
> Using the corba based at-spi (at-spi 1.0) I had no problems with orca 3.0.
> My problem only started when I updated to at-spi 2.0.  I can return to at-spi 1.0 easily, but I thought I'd
> try at-spi 2.0 to get an idea of it's usability.
> Based on what I've read on other lists, I expected some issues but it should have provided some feedback.
> The fact I get nothing makes me think I'm either missing a package or a config option.
>           Kenny
> On Mon, Aug 01, 2011 at 03:13:20PM +0200, Jean-Philippe MENGUAL wrote:
> > Hi Kenny,
> > 
> > Your feedback ip very interesting. Actually I use ibmtts and, waiting
> > for building speech-dispatcher (package hard to do for me due to various
> > patches, etc.), I don't use pico. I installed so orca3, with ibmtts. But
> > no at-spi2. I still use gnome2 (gnome-panel). I try in a VM. Do you use
> > gnome3 or gnome2? Here I didn't install at-spi2. It works, although
> > there're a lot of problems I think: very slow, not reactive, on
> > Iceweasel I have some problems to really use it, ... Then I had a
> > "conflict" with wicd I spent time to fix. So it's absolutely not
> > satisfying for me, but it works. Maybe for you, if you use gnome2, it'd
> > work in better conditions. I wait and see, I'll try updating, but still
> > not gnome3 as it's not mandatory.
> > 
> > Regards,
> > 
> > Jean-Philippe MENGUAL
> > 
> > 
> > Le lundi 01 août 2011 à 02:51 -0500, Kenny Hitt a écrit :
> > > Hi.  This is my first impression after attempting to switch to at-spi2.
> > > It looks like both at-spi1 and at-spi 2 have been started during login.
> > > I hear "welcome to orca" and then nothing.  I get no more feedback from my gnome session
> > > My first guess is the at-spi1 and at-spi 2 regestries are conflicting.
> > > When I do aptitude -q remove at-spi
> > > to remove the at-spi 1.0, I notice dasher and gok still depend on the at-spi package.
> > > After doing this, I still got nothing from my gnome session.  After searching for at-spi,
> > > I noticed the libatk-adaptor package wasn't installed.
> > >  I installed it with no change.  All I get now is the welcome to orca message and then nothing.
> > > Ps shows at-spi2 and orca are running.  As far as I can tell, things still work.  I was able to
> > > press alt-f2 and start a gnome-terminal.  Ps shows the gnome-terminal, but no feedback from orca.
> > > At this point, I'm out of ideas to try, so I figure I should post my results and
> > > hope others have suggestions.  I have found alternatives for everything I do in gnome,
> > > so I'm willing to keep trying with at-spi2.
> > > 
> > >           Kenny
> > > 
> > > 

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