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Re: Contextual menu on the desktop


Thanks for your answer. When I do alt-ctrl-tab, as soon as I release the
keys, I am forwarded on the desktop and it selects an item. I cannot
deselect everything. So doesn't work :(



Jean-Philippe MENGUAL

Le vendredi 29 avril 2011 à 12:41 +0200, fab a écrit :
> > 1. Is there a shortcut to open the contextual menu of the desktop via
> > keyboard?
> Actually I don't use GNOME and Orca, then I'm not sure of that, but if you
> press the combination
> you should select only the Desktop, and Orca should say a sentence like
> "Nautilus Desktop".
> After that, perhaps you can simulate the right click with Orca.
> Ciao
> Fabio
> ..

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