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RFH: flite -- A small run-time speech synthesis engine

Package: wnpp


I haven't enought time to co-maintain this package correctly, so I
remove me from the uploaders list.
To help accessibility team in this job, please answer to this RFH and
contact accessibility team <debian-accessibility@lists.debian.org>.

Flite is a small fast run-time speech synthesis engine.  It is the
latest addition to the suite of free software synthesis tools including
University of Edinburgh's
 Festival Speech Synthesis System and Carnegie Mellon University's
FestVox project, tools, scripts and documentation for building synthetic
voices.  However, flite
 itself does not require either of these systems to run. 

A new version 1.4-release-1 is ready for upload from mentors repository:
and It will be available soon on Sid.

thank you very much


Denis Briand

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