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instructions on building gnome-speech with DECtalk]

Hi.  These instructions assume you have already bought and installed the
DECtalk software synth.  All commands can be run as a normal user except
for "make install".  You will need to install the fakeroot package.
Be aware if the libgnome-speech package gets upgraded, you will
need to do this again.

change to an empty dir.
type: apt-get source libgnome-speech3
cd to the top level of the source tree.  For example, I'm running Sid
which has libgnome-speech3 version 1:0.3.6-1, so I would type
cd gnome-speech-0.3.6

next type 
fakeroot dpkg-buildpackage

If you don't have all the dependencys, it will worn you and you just
need to install any missing packages.  After dpkg-buildpackage runs
successfuly, you will have local versions of the libgnome-speech3 and
ligome-speech3-dev packages.  If you install them, you will need to put
them on hold or the next upgrade will replace them with the official
versions.  Since all we want is the DECtalk drivers, you don't need to
install your local versions.  The rules for building the Debian packages
won't include the DECtalk driver even though it has been built.  Just

su -c 'make install'

from the top level of the source tree.  You will also get the
test-speech utility installed as a side benefit.

As usual, it worked for me but I don't make any claims about it working
for you.
Hope this helps.

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