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Ticкet#785179883: <debian-68k@lists.debian.org> 04-05-2018 01:58:33 Must read

Good day!

Dont pay attention on my English, I am from Iran.I installed mine virus onto your device.Since that moment I pilfered all privy data from your system. Furthermore I obtained some more compromising.The most entertaining compromising which I received- its a videotape with your masturbation.I installed deleterious soft on a porn web page and then you installed it. When you picked the video and clicked on a play button, my malware immediately adjusted on your OS.

After downloading, your front-camera made the videotape with you masturbating,  moreover malware saved exactly the porn video you masturbated on. In next few days my virus collected all your social and email contacts.

If you need to eliminate all the compromising evidence- send me 270 united state dollar in BTC(cryptocurrency).
Its my Btc wallet address - 1GJcp55nwA2LQq9AvXDTmjUgoQXBJpmRbi  

You have 22 hours from this moment. If I get transaction I will erase the videotape evermore. Other way I will send the video to all your contacts.

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