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Unidentified subject!

Have an Old Laserwriter 320 which has seen many days, and now is not working very well. The starter light switch off immediately after plugging it in the mains and you cannot access the printer in the chooser. What should we do to solve the problem.

I accidentally trashed Open Transport from the Quadra 650 and I am now having a tough time putting it back as the floppy and CD drives are faulty. The systems diskettes were badly kept and are damaged too. Thought would transfer a copy - Open Transport - from the Powermac but cannot access the Quadra thru sharing. The external Optical Drive while can be read on the Quadra cannot read on the Powermac. How else can I transfer Open Transport to the Quadra?

2. Have a 270MB Syquest Drive bought several years ago but was never actually used. Does it need software to mount?

3. If the floppy and CD Drive of the Quadra are replaced, would any PC-compatible CD/floppy drive do? They are the most easily available here.

Several times the time and date on my G4 keeps going back to 1904 and gives a wrong date. Have replaced the batteries to no avail. What else can be done?


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