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Re: [linux-mac68k] Install mac68k woody

--On Sunday, January 25, 2004 3:07 PM -0500 Paul Spilner <paulspilner@hotmail.com> wrote:

The problem is that i have pppoe internet connection. Do you have an idea?

Switch providers?

I don't know what your problem is exactly, but I suppose it's install-related. I recommend having an ISP who at the very least provides DHCP, if not a static IP address (which you might have to pay extra for -- I do). As far I can tell PPPoE provides no technical benefit and several disadvantages. I surmise that somehow it makes things simpler at the provider's end, but at a disproportionate cost to their users. As you can tell from my mail headers, I have SpeakEasy.

Or you can download the pppoe package from another machine and install it manually with dpkg. Or use a broadband router that speaks PPPoE. I had my Linux box doing this back when I had Verizon DSL.

Or maybe I have no clue what your problem is. Kind of hard to tell without the context...


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