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Re: promising news regarding the XFree86 4.x server on m68k

At 4:59 -0500 8/9/01, Branden Robinson wrote:
I was, I think, wrong about how much work needs to be done to get the
XFree86 X server working on m68k.

As far as I can tell from the source code to XFree86's module loader,
support code for m68k already exists.  The issue is, apparently, just
that it's buggy.

Here (MIME-attached) is a small patch that will turn verbose loader
debugging on m68k only.  Maybe we can track down the problem?

For those who are interested in getting their hands dirty, apt-get
source xfree86 and look in:


The two files of primary interest will be, I think, elf.h and
elfloader.c.  As I said earlier, there appears to be at least as much
m68k-specific code as there is for any other architecture Debian
supports, and we know the loader works on i386, alpha, sparc, powerpc,
ia64, mips, and mipsel.

Got everything downloaded through my poor 28.8 modem connection, and
got everything compiled.

I've tried finding more information on how the loader is supposed to work
(specifically for m68k), but the most recent ELF specification I could find was
1.2 published May 1995. Does anyone have some useful links?


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