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Re: Centris 650 and soso performance (debian newbie)

Well, yeah, you've got a really slow machine, no surprise there. I run Zope 
on a '040 25 mhz Q700, and the performance isn't that bad, though I haven't 
tried anything complex with python scripts (which is what Zope uses) or 
anything like that. I've found that sometimes the processor isn't the 
problem.  Disk access can be really slow, depending on the hard drive you 
have. Sometimes there's nothing that can be done because disks are slow in 
any case. 

Hope this helps.


On Sunday 29 July 2001 00:06, Tommy Young wrote:
> Hello all,
> I am new to this list and to debian but I have a decent knowledge of linux
> (redhat mandrake on the pc side yellow dog on the mac side) but I am
> stumped by this.
> I recently converted my centris 650 with 48 megs of ram and a 1 gig
> external hd to linux in the hopes of being my web server, how ever while I
> get very respectable performance serving static pages, when ever it tries
> to serve a php page, using php nuke, or a cgi page it takes a long time for
> the server to respond. Now having top running while it is working show that
> it seems to be processor dependent, so the real root of my question is, Is
> this the kind of perfomance I should be seeing out of a c650. Would
> overclocking help? Currently the bogomips of the machine are 16.50, and yes
> I am aware that bogmips aren't realiable
> Any insight to this would be appreciated!
> Tommy Young
> tommyy@mac.com

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