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Re: Serial port config - advice needed (was X session startup failure/serial port config)

Update on the serial port on my Mac Centris 610.


<snip - X issue solved elsewhere on this mailing list>

>The second issue is setting up dial services so I can dial out to my ISP.
>My modem is on /dev/ttyS0.  The automatic setup software, wvdial, probes
>that port, but apparently gets no response.  However, if I simply 'cat' the
>device /dev/ttyS0, 'TR' is asserted on the modem (the TR led on the front
>panel lights up).  I don't know of a utility that allows simple two-way
>communication with the raw device - I'm probably missing something obvious
>- so I can debug further.  If I use setserial to change the portspeed and
>re-run wvdial, wvdial crashes on me. Is there a simple terminal emulator
>that uses the raw device? If telnet does it, I can't work out how.
I have installed minicom (apt-get install minicom) which is able,
sporadically, to talk to my modem.  The behaviour is odd - no communication
occurs when minicom is started - I have to go in and change the port speed,
and once this is done, I can get communication.  If I save this config,
exit and restart minicom, no communication occurs until I change the port
speed.  I need change no other parameter.  I.e. the minicom defaults are
sufficient to get communication going.

My modem auto-ranges the DTE speed and has a nice LCD dsiplay showing
what's going on, so I can see that minicom *is* changing the port speed -
so on my machine (a Centris 610 with full 68040) I can get 9,600; 19,200;
and 38,400 port speeds - trying to set 57,600 in minicom gives minicom
reporting a port speed of 57,600, but my modem reporting 9,600.

So changing the port speed in minicom is obviously doing something to
'kick' the serial port into action - something that is *not* done by

Does this give anyone enough of a clue to diagnose what needs to be done to
get the serial port working properly?

Thanks again,


>Thanks for any advice.

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