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Re: Ethernet not so good.

At 3:11 PM -0600 12/29/99, Lon Shapiro wrote:
>> cat /proc/interrupts some times before and after the telnet attempt.
>OK - before initiating telnet out...
>auto  0:          0   spurious int
>auto  1:    1731127 L VIA1 Dispatch
>auto  2:      44849 L VIA2 Dispatch
>auto  3:          0 L PSC Dispatch
>auto  4:     224151 L PSC Dispatch
>auto  5:          0 L PSC Dispatch
>auto  6:          0 L PSC Dispatch
>auto  7:          0 L NMI
>via1  9:     631722   console/cursor
>via1 10:      64759   adb CUDA interrupt
>via1 14:    1047058   timer
>via2 17:    1731498 F Nubus Dispatch
>via2 19:      44478   Mac ESP SCSI
> psc 33:     224151   SCC A
> psc 34:          0   SCC B
>nbus 60:        372   8390 Ethernet

On a completely unrelated note, why are the nubus interrupts being checked
on every VIA1 interrupt? I thought we got rid of that.

1731498 Slot Ints
-   372 Registered Slot Ints
1731126 VIA1 Dispatches, give or take an int.

I think we should only be running slot ints in a polled mode if a slot
interrupt is triggered with no handler.

For example, every time a real slot int is triggered, the contents of VIA2
Register B (is that the right register? I can't remember) can be saved in a
variable, then the VIA1 int handler could run a line like 'if
(last_slot_ints & ~handled_slot_ints) poll_slot_ints();' and avoid running
through a bunch of unnessacary code a million and a half times.

Or maybe I should just stop thinking about the whole slot int mess and put
a few more pins in my special collectors edition Apple engineers voodoo
doll set...

Cheers - Tony :)

Tony Mantler         Renaissance Nerd Extraordinaire         eek@escape.ca
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada                       http://www.escape.ca/~eek

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