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Re: Will pre-recorded only talk be accepted for DebConf22?

Stefano Rivera dijo [Mon, Mar 28, 2022 at 01:45:56PM +0000]:
> This is something that the video team (CCed) would like to continue to
> experiment with and improve on. But we aren't able to support a
> significant remote-presenter presence at DebConf, yet.
> Without any kind of interaction with an audience in a conference
> theatre, an entirely remote track would be far more doable. We aren't
> intending to do something like that at DebConf 22, at this time. I guess
> if there was significant interest, we could reconsider that...
> Basically, supporting any of these things needs time and work from the
> video team. And, since COVID-19, we haven't had any of the usual sprints
> to improve infrastructure.

I know that all videoteam work is volunteer, and I very well known it
is one of the most stressed teams during the conference. But we _have_
had talks via Jitsi in DebConf in the past; I remember participating
in at least a couple during DC19:


So -- I understand the video team not wanting to deal with a _flood_
of online talk proposals. But I guess that having a _few_ talks, maybe
restricted to not being part of the official program (i.e. as ad-hoc
activities), should remain an option. The presenter could even take
the work to record the talk and make it available afterwards.

Of course, I'm not doing the work, and I cannot commit your time --
and I'm arguing against a team decision that's already been taken. I
can commit that, if I can make it to Kosovo (and that's still marked
as somewhat-unlikely-but-possible) I'll join the team and cover some
such talks, if they are accepted... But please, I won't make more mess
about this, and I surely won't insist on the team for upholding a
decision already taken, and that's completely within their competences
to take!

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